FEB 23Knowledge That's Too High

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain it. (Psalm 139:6)

F. W. Robertson, the famous British preacher of the seaside resort of Brighton, was a godly man. He was an emblem of true piety in his day. There was a shopkeeper on Brighton Beach in the south of England who kept a picture of F. W. Robertson in the back of his shop. When asked why he kept a picture of the preacher there, he said, "When I am tempted, I go back and peer at the preacher and ponder him until there is purity in my heart." My reaction to this story is, why peer at the picture of the preacher when we know that there is a God who is both there all the time and knows everything about us?

It was the French Reformer John Calvin who admitted that all of us truly believe in the omniscience of God. I personally believe that you cannot confess that Jehovah is God without confessing that He knows all things. Calvin went on to say that very few of us observe this concept in practice. When you come to the bottom line, most of us are far more aware of and concerned about what someone else is saying about us than the fact that the God who knows us is there and knows me intensely, comprehensively, mentally, and verbally.

He knows us by sifting us, digging through us, hemming us in, and knowing our thoughts before we think them and our words before we speak them. That is not only a judgment, but it also is an encouragement.

Lord God, we don't need to look at the picture of any preacher to encourage us to resist temptation after reading the words of Psalm 139. Just realizing that You are omniscient is enough motivation for us to live righteously. It also blesses us to know that even though You know the worst about us, You still love us. Amen