MAR 14God's Right Hand

Then I thought, "To this I will appeal; the years of the right hand of the Most High." (Ps. 77:10 NIV)

This is the most important verse in Psalm 77. It is a pivotal point that serves as a bridge from verse 9, which is a lament, and takes the hymn in a completely new direction. "God's right hand" implies the hand of God's power, protection, preservation, deliverance, and defense. In the midst of the psalmist's lament, God directs his attention away from himself and to His right hand that will hold, shield, and protect him.

How do you step out? With objectivity. For nine verses, the psalmist has been living like many Christians today—in subjectivity. It is dangerous to build faith on feelings. One way to step up is to look at others in the faith as a testimony and an object lesson. If God did it for them, He can also do it for you!

The psalmist's songs in the night were heard at church. Likewise, our songs in the night are heard around other believers in the body of Christ. At church, we are able to hear things that we will not hear anywhere else, such as these timeless hymns:

It is well, with my soul It is well, it is well, with my soul (Horatio G. Spafford, "It Is Well With My Soul," 1873)

Precious Lord, take my hand Lead me on, let me stand Lord I'm tired, I am weak, I am worn Through the storm, through the night, Lead me on to the light: Take my hand, precious Lord, Lead me home (Thomas A. Dorsey, "Precious Lord, Take My Hand," 1932)

Lord God, we don't trust our feelings in the bad situation we're in because they're so changeable. Instead, we place our faith in You because we know that You're trustworthy. You offer us protection, preservation, deliverance, and defense on a daily basis. You are our Rock among the shifting sands of the world. Amen.