MAR 18God Takes Us Under His Wings

. . . and under His wings you shall take refuge. (Ps. 91:4)

There is something intriguing and fascinating about birds, whose trackless flight plans vary from one location to the next. For example, consider the migratory move of the world's smallest bird—the bee hummingbird. Its weight is equivalent to two aspirins, and it is only two and a half inches in size. Yet this bird travels from Northern Canada to the Southern Peninsula of Mexico on its small wings.

When we think of wings, often our minds are directed not to smallness but largeness. The wandering albatross, with a wingspan of 11 feet and 11 inches, cruises over the thermal currents to its destination. The American bald eagle has a wingspan of 12 feet from tip to tip, and there are some even longer than that; in fact, it is often times called the "King of the Air." But there is another bird whose wingspan is even more impressive than that of the bald eagle. It is extinct, but in 1965, fossils were found that enabled paleontologists to reconstruct its bone structure. The South American Teratoron (Argentavis magnificens) had a 25-foot wingspan. The fascinating fact about this bird is that it traveled for hours at a time with one flap of its wings. At times, it napped on the journey to only wake upon reaching its final destination. Regardless of the size of the bird or the length of its wingspan, however, the commonality in them is their security in the use of their wings.

I hope this is an affirmation for you that God protects you on the basis of His own nature. The psalmist wants you to understand with assurance and confidence the encompassing care God gives by His protecting power. He lists the ways in which God is able to protect you. He protects you first by taking you under His wings.

Heavenly Father, every time we look up and see birds flying in the sky, we think of Your protection that surrounds us daily. You truly cover us with Your wings! Because of this, we never have anything to fear from the perils of this world or the Enemy. Amen.