MAR 26Burn for God, But Don't Burn Up!

So he looked and behold, the bush was burning with fire, but the bush was not consumed. (Exod. 3:2b)

God also takes the initiative in instructing us by what we see. A humble bramble bush burns but does not burn up! Here the supernatural God enters into the lower natural creation— and burns within it without burning it up. This is God's way: He burns in your life without burning you out.

Here was a bush that burned and burned and burned. Moses could not help but compare himself with that bramble bush. Forty years earlier he had tried to burn for God and had burned himself out. He had felt like a heap of ashes for all that time. Now, at the end of his life he discovers that God can burn in a man's life—and not burn the man out. He was about to burn in Moses' life from his 80th to his 120th year. He would then die. God would eulogize him with these words in Deuteronomy 34:7: "My servant Moses is dead. His eyes are not dim and his natural force not abated." God would burn in the court of the Pharoah, burn in marching through the sea, burn on the mountain, burn in the desert, and burn when the people complained. But God would not burn up Moses.

God found out there was nothing exceptional about the bush. As the renowned theologian Ian Thomas put it, "Any old bush will do." God could have said, "Do you see that bush over there? You mean that scruffy, scraggly-looking bush? That bush will do! Do you see that beautiful bush, shaped so fine? That bush would have done, too."

Lord God, it is a miraculous thing to us that You burn within us without burning us up. We don't want Your fire to ever go out within our spirits, because it is this fire that gives us our passion for living. We ask that You stoke the fire within us so it will burn brighter each day. Amen.