FEB 26Even the Night Shall Be Light

If I say, "Surely the darkness shall fall on me," even the night shall be light about me. (Ps. 139:11)

Evidently, in the ancient world there was some superstition about the magical quality of the night that could be invoked. Beneath this spell, one could hide, even from the eye of the all-seeing One.

David, under the impression of God's Spirit, said, "Not so." He said that with God night does not do what it is intended to do. With God, night becomes light. Even in the night hours, in every circumstance, He sees him.

So, from verse 6 through the conclusion of the psalm, David confesses with awe that the only thing that he might do in the face of a God who so knows him is to proclaim His greatness and submit to His will. In verse 6, he says that such knowledge is too wonderful for him. Actually, in the language of the verse, the first word is "wonderful," as if it were a speechless exclamation. Then he says that it is "too lofty." The imagery is that of an individual looking at a city whose unassailable, impregnable buildings are towering over him. And he says that it is too much even to take in.

So the psalmist decides rather than resist, he will submit and comply. So at the end of the psalm, rather than saying, "Where can I flee from His presence or hide from His Spirit?" he says, "Search me, God and know my heart. Test me and know my distracted thoughts. And in so doing, see if there is any twisted way in me. And out of that, lead me in the way everlasting." The new covenant holds something better than the old one in that regard. It's a word that I have never been able to comprehend. It means that the One indeed knows me best as I really am.

Lord God, You even have control over the night: You can turn it into day if You so choose. Nothing and no one can ever hide from Your all-seeing eye. This truth brings us to the place where David was at the end of Psalm 139—broken and humbled before You and ready to follow You wherever You will lead us. Amen.