FEB 28According to God's Mercy

". . .according to Your lovingkindness; according to the multitude of Your tender mercies. . ." (Ps. 51:1)

The sweet singer of Israel was God's choice to replace King Saul over Israel, but he aborted all that promise and potential in one sinful act—an act that just led to more sin. One spring day, he was lazing about on the roof of his palace. Below him he saw the voluptuous Bathsheba bathing. Long before extending the invitation to his bedchamber, he had lusted after her from that rooftop. He simply sealed the deal the day she came to the palace chambers by taking her in adultery. Later on, he had her husband killed to cover up his guilt.

So what happened to David? What led to this cry for mercy? One day the prophet Nathan paid David a visit to tell him a story about injustice: A rich and powerful mogul took advantage of a poor farmer. The mogul had the power to motivate people when he spoke. A traveling friend stopped by his house. In an attempt to satisfy the appetite of his friend, the mogul took the farmer's only baby lamb. He killed it, cooked it, prepared it, and served it without blinking an eye. The anger of David burned like dry twigs in flames. He promised the prophet to deal severely with this mogul. Sadly, Nathan had to announce David, "You are the man." David's head dropped and his throat tightened. His lips dried and hands shook. As a result David prayed a prayer in a minor key. The poet king said, "Lord, have mercy on me." There was nothing silly or superfluous about his request.

All of us will come to a point when we say like David, "Lord, have mercy." It will not be superfluous, but it will be from the depths of our souls. We will need our Lord's active pity. Lord God, we can't even look at ourselves in the mirror because we're so ashamed of our sin. We desperately need Your abundant mercy, even though we don't deserve it. Please, Lord, have mercy on us! Amen.